DCMS manager trapped by ACB two months before his retirement in Karimnagar

K M Dayashankar

KARIMNAGAR, JULY 04, 2024: District Cooperative Marketing Society (DCMS) manager Regulapati Venkateshwara Rao, who was about to retire in another two months, was caught red-handed by ACB authorities for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs one lakh in Karimnagar town on Thursday.

His avarice to make fast much bucks before his retirement had forced him to lodge in jail on the charges of corruption. The DCMS manager Venkateshwar Rao and cashier S Kumara Swamy were trapped by the ACB officials for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs one lakh from a person for sanction of paddy procurement centre.

Trader Kavati Raju, who had set up paddy procurement centre in the year 2018-19 in Bommanapalli village of Odela mandal in Peddapalli district. During the procurement of the paddy, it is mandatory that the 50 per cent of the commission would go to the DCMS and the remaining to the trader.

After reduction of the DCMS commission, the trader Raju should get Rs 90.16 lakhs as commission for the procurement of the paddy. Raju had been appealing the DCMS manager for the release of commission amount, but the manager was delaying on various pretexts. Instead, the DCMS manager informed Raju to take up selling of fertilizers and secured a commission of Rs 13,000 per lorry load.

Raju was taking up fertilizer business and still he should get Rs 69 lakhs from the DCMS for procurement of the paddy. But, the DCMS was purposefully delaying the payment of commission amount to the trader on various pretexts. The DCMS manager was demanding bribe amount of Rs 22 to Rs 23 lakhs from Rs 90 lakhs commission amount for the procurement of the paddy.

Irked over this, the trader Raju approached the ACB, who laid a trap and caught the manager and cashier red-handed at DCMS office.




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