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Smart City woes continue in Karimnagar, drain waters enter into houses following the rains

K M Dayashankar

Residents had sleepless night due to drain waters entering the houses in Mukarampura and Mankammathota

Road inundated with flood waters at Collectorate, Ramnagar, RTC workshop and other locations in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 27, 2024: Several low-lying areas were inundated due to flood waters and overflowing the drain waters entering the houses in Mankammathota and other regions in Karimnagar town albeit Smart City following the sudden downpour on Wednesday night.

The Karimnagar town had received the first ever bountiful rainfall of 10.12 cm rainfall on Wednesday inundating several low-lying areas due to unscientific execution of Smart City drains in entire Karimnagar town. The drains were constructed in a manner where the water does not flow, but would come out of it and inundated low-lying areas.

The inundated of roads following the rains and floods was reported in Mankammathota, Mukarampura, Ramnagar, Geetha bhavan, Collectorate main road, RTC workshop area, Kharkhanagadda and other locations in the town. The drain waters entered into the houses of the residential areas in Mankammathota locality causing umpteen woes to the residents with sleepless nights.

The Karimnagar town, which had never ever seen the inundation of low-lying areas following the smooth flow of drain waters, after its development under Smart City project had become a cause of concern for the residents with the unscientific execution of drains without any slopes for free flow of rain water.  Besides, the drains were constructed in such a manner wherein the Municipal authorities cannot clean as they were converted into footpaths, which were occupied by the traders and other vendors.

It is high time that the municipal authorities and others take up desiltation of all the drains for the smooth flow of the rain waters during this rainy season and avoid inundation of low-lying areas including main roads at Collectorate, Ramnagar, R&B guest, RTC workshop and other locations. The authorities should also focus on removal of encroachment of all footpaths and eateries, who are dumping the waste into the drain and causing water clogging.

On the other hand, the integrated Karimnagar district received good rainfall on Wednesday. The highest amount of 106.5 mm rainfall was reported in Metpally, Mallial 105 mm, Kandikatkur 99.8 mm, Nusthullapur 90.5 mm and other parts of the district good rainfall intensifying the agricultural operations.


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