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Illegal parking of vehicles by cinemagoers on the roads in front of cinema halls is ramphant in Karimnagar town

K M Dayashankar

The cinemagoers park the vehicles on the roads instead of parking the same in the parking lots of the theatre

Similar is the case with the function halls and hotels as the people are forced to park the vehicles on the roads causing traffic snarls

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 27, 2024:  Thanks to the lethargy on the part of the officials concerned, it is free for all in Karimnagar town to encroach the footpaths and roads and cause serious inconvenience to the roads users in various parts of Karimnagar town.

A peculiar situation prevails in entire Karimnagar town during the release of any new film in theatres wherein the cinemagoers park their vehicles on the road instead of parking them in the theatre parking lots.

Freshly during the release much-hyped ‘Kalki 2898 AD’, the busy road on the Collectorate road from Bhagathnagar cross roads to the Prathima multiplex was packed with the illegal parking of vehicles by the cinemagoers in front of the Mamata theatre and the Multiplex causing nuisance and inconvenience to the regular road users.

Following the screening of special shows of ‘Kalki 2898’ since early hours, the cinemagoers had arrived in large numbers in various modes of transport and parked their vehicles on the roads in front of the shops causing inconvenience and traffic snarls.  The two-wheelers, four-wheelers and autos were also parked on the road by the cinemagoers and enjoyed the movie at the cost of the regular road-users.

Ironically, there is no mechanism to check illegal parking of vehicles on the main roads by the cinemagoers instead parking the same on the premises of the theatre where they had visited. A medical shop owner near Mamata Theatre said that he had arrived in the morning to open the shop but was shocked to see several vehicles parks in front of his shops causing inconvenience for the customers to visit the shop to make purchases as the vehicles were parked illegally by the cinemagoers.

“This is a common scenario during the release of any new film in the theatre. The cinemagoers visit to the theatre to watch the movie but they park the vehicle on the road to avoid parking fees and cause inconvenience to the other road users and shoppers”, he said and added that a fruit-shop vendor adjacent to the theatre had encroached and converted the footpath into a juice centre and causing several woes to the road users due to congregation of several people along with their vehicles.


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