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DCA officials seize Ayurvedic products for misleading advertisement and also raid a quack’s clinic

The public may report any complaints regarding illegal activities concerning medicines through the Drugs Control Administration, Telangana Toll-Free Number 1800-599-6969, which is operational from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on all working days.

HYDERABAD, JUNE 23, 2024: Dugs Control Administration, Telangana seized certain Ayurvedic medicines for misleading advertisements and also raided a quack’s clinic in Adilabad district.

The DCA officials detected certain medicines circulating in the market with misleading claims on their labels, stating that they treat ‘Diabetes’ and Fever’. Such claims are in contravention of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954. During the special drive conducted on June 22 to detect medicines moving in the market with misleading and objectionable advertisements, the following products were detected by DCA officials:

Drugs Inspector, Vikarabad detected Diofil Capsules, an Ayurvedic medicine, which bears with misleading claim stating that it treats ‘Diabetes’. Stocks of the medicines were seized during the raid conducted at a medical shop in Parigi, Vikarabad District.

Drugs Inspector, Secunderabad detected Kalmegh Powder, an Ayurvedic medicine, which bears label of a misleading claim stating that it treats ‘Fever’. Stocks of the medicines were seized during the raid conducted at a medical shop in Tarnaka, Secunderabad.  D. Saritha, Assistant Director, Secunderabad, B. Govind Singh, Drugs Inspector, Secunderabad, A.N. Kranthi Kumar, Drugs Inspector, Vikarabad, P. Renuka, Drugs Inspector, Musheerabad, and M. Surendranath, Drugs Inspector, Begumpet are among the officers who carried out the raids. Further investigation shall be carried out and action shall be taken as per the law against all the offenders.

Quack’s clinic raided in Adilabad

On credible information, Drugs Control Administration officials, raided the premises of a quack G. Vaikuntam, at Dasnapur Village, Adilabad District, who was claiming himself as a ‘Rural Medical Practitioner’ and practicing medicine without proper qualification at his clinic. During the raid, DCA officials detected huge stocks of medicines found stocked at the premises without any drug license. 26 varieties of medicines, including Antibiotics, Steroids, Analgesics, Anti-ulcer drugs, etc., were found stocked at the premises. DCA officials seized the stock, worth a total of Rs. 20,000 during the raid.

DCA officials detected several higher generation ‘antibiotics’ at the clinic during the raid. Indiscriminate sale of antibiotics, by unqualified persons may have disastrous consequences on the health of rural public, including emergence of ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’. Officials also found ‘steroids’ at the clinic operated by the quack. Misusing steroids can have serious health consequences, including immune system suppression, hormonal imbalances, muscle and bone weakness, cardiovascular problems, and psychological effects. The indiscriminate use of steroids poses significant risks to public health. A. Srilatha, Drugs Inspector, Adilabad and M. Shyam Sunder, Drugs Inspector, Nirmal are among the officers who carried out the raid.


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