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Women celebrate Ashadam mehendi festival grandly in Karimnagar

K M Dayashankar

KARIMNAGAR, JULY 08, 2024: Gorintaku or mehendi, is traditionally used as a decorative element during weddings and auspicious events. However, during the Ashada month, it holds particular significance. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, Gorintaku is believed to offer health benefits.

Accordingly, the womenfolk of Anjanadri colony welfare society in Karimnagar town take part in the Gorintaku (mehendi) festival on Monday with much pomp and enthusiasm. Not just the young, even the older ones joined the festivities. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the festival holds significant health benefits, a tradition passed down through generations.

The festival is marked by dancing, singing, and vibrant celebrations that reflect the enthusiasm of the participants. In this auspicious month, girls and women adorn their hands with beautifully designed henna patterns, signifying good fortune when the henna ripens to a rich red colour.

Women come together, offer special prayers to the goddess Gauri Devi, and design Gorintaku patterns on each other’s hands. The womenfolk of the Anjanadri Colony, organise special programmes and poojas to commemorate the Ashada month. They adorn their hands with natural henna paste, collected by themselves, and sing traditional songs in unison.

Ayurvedic practitioners suggest that it helps in reducing body heat, boosts immunity and improves blood circulation. Using natural henna, derived from nature instead of artificial colours, is recommended for maximum health benefits. The Gorintaku festival is deeply rooted in ancestral traditions and has been passed down through generations. As women gather to exchange Gorintaku patterns and rejoice in song and dance, they not only preserve their ancestral customs but also embrace the richness of their cultural heritage. The womenfolk of the colony Suddala Malathi, Jyothi, Shyamala, Nirmala, Vijaya, Sudha, Kala, Padma, Soujanya, Archana, Meghana, Rajitha, Latha, Sujatha, Premalath, Prabha, Sandhya, Tejaswini, Jyothi, Ryakam Swapa, Gautami, Anoosha and others participated in the celerbations with zeal.

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