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Pallavi Model School celebrates International Picnic Day

PEDDAPALLI, JUNE 18, 2024:  It’s often claimed that life is no picnic- but today it is! International Picnic day is a chance to eat out in the open air with friends and family members.

In order to educate the children and parents about the importance of spending time with the family members, the pre-primary branch of Pallavi Model School, Rangampally on the outskirts of Peddapalli town celebrated the International Picnic Day on Tuesday informing the parents to break from their routine and busy schedule and spend time with their children.

As part of the celebrations, the children arrived in special attire of going on a holidaying. They also bought special delicious snack items prepared by their parents and enjoyed the same with their friends as part of the Picnic day. The teachers also conducted some fun games to entertain the children. The teachers also explained the importance of going on picnic to relax and chill out with nature and seeing new places.

Principal Vani said that “the family time is very important, where we can teach our kids the moral values, behavior and it also helps them to build their character”. She also appealed to the parents to spend their quality time with the dearest children. Correspondent Shobha Rani coordinated the programme.  PET Imraan, Computer operator Vennella, mentors Salma, Rajitha, Lavanya, Sravanthi, Malathi and others participated in the programme.



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