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Karimnagar DCCB give fond farewell to DGMs and AGMs, who were transferred to their native DCCBs

K M Dayashankar

DGMs and AGMs have assured to implement the reforms and best practices adopted in Karimnagar DCCB in their native banks

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 21, 2024: The Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB) has given an affectionate farewell to the Common Pool Officers (CPOs) comprising of DGMs and AGMs of Karimnagar DCCB, who were transferred to their respective native districts DCCBs on Friday.

The Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank (TSCAB) has bought all the AGMs, DGMs and General Managers of nine DCCBs of the Telangana state under Common Pool of Cooperative Banking Professions (CPCBP) on December 23, 2021. However, the CPOs including AGMs and DGMs numbering 68 were transferred to their respective native district DCCBs as per Clause No. 6 (1) of the Common Pool Guidelines on June 15, 2024.

The Karimnagar DCCB DGMs viz N Sumamala, G Venugopal Rao and T Venkateshwara Swamy, AGMs Gottam Sravanthi, K Chandrashekhar Reddy, M Ramesh, E Shylaja and C Ravi Kumar were relieved of their duties in Karimnagar district and proceeded to their native districts on Friday. Accordingly, the Karimnagar DCCB conducted a fond farewell to the outgoing DGMs and AGMs at the head office in Karimnagar town under the chairmanship of bank vice chairman Pingali Ramesh, Director V Mohan Reddy, CEO N Satyanarayana Rao, general managers Prabhakar Reddy and Ushasri. The Karimnagar DCCB officials had felicitated them by presenting them with a shawl and a gift along with relieving orders.

Speaking on the occasion, DCCB Vice Chairman Pingali Ramesh that the CPOs had great privilege of working under the dynamic leadership of DCCB chairman and NAFSCOB chairman Konduru Ravinder Rao and adopt the new working culture in Karimnagar DCCB, which had emerged as a role model cooperative bank in the country. Reiterating that the Karimnagar DCCB had emerged as number one bank in the country due to concerted efforts made by the employees, he suggested the transferred CPOs to adopt the best practices in various other DCCBs for the progress of the cooperative sector.

Director V Mohan Reddy said that the Karimnagar DCCB had emerged successful under the leadership of its chairman K Ravinder Rao, who introduced several reforms and the team work of all the employees. He said that Karimnagar DCCB had diversified its business activities with the support of employees and won several national awards consecutively for the last seven years.

Reminding that the Karimnagar DCCB had emerged successful only because of its transparency and strictly adhering to the RBI guidelines, CEO N Satyanarayana Rao informed the transferred DGMs and AGMs to follow the guidelines and the success of the respective cooperative banks would be achieved. He also stated that the Karimnagar DCCB had progressed only because of no political interference and good governance. He informed the transferred officials to adopt the best practices of Karimnagar to make their respective banks run successfully.

The CPOs albeit DGMs and AGMs, who were transferred to their respective native district DCCBs, have thanked DCCB chairman K Ravinder Rao for introducing the CPO systems and making them exposed to the best practices adopted in Karimnagar DCCB. The transferred officials were all praise for the CEO and other bank officials for their team work. They assured to implement the best practices and reforms introduced in the Karimnagar DCCB for the success of other DCCBs where they would be working.


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