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IVY International (CBSE) School celebrates International Day of Yoga

K M Dayashankar

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 21, 2024: Students of IVY International School (CBSE) in Seetharampur locality in Karimnagar celebrated the International Day of Yoga with lots of enthusiasm and festive spirit on their school campus on Friday.

Yoga expert Shiva Madhavi demonstrated various Yoga asanas followed by ‘omkar’ chanting. Warm up exercises were performed by the students and the importance of these was also explained simultaneously. The tiny tots and other students performed the Asanas with zeal and enthusiasm.

School chairman Dasari Sripal Reddy shared the importance and need of practising yoga to stay fit and healthy. She added that the celebration of International Yoga Day was a reminder to incorporate yoga in every day routine to enjoy a happy life and reduce the effects of stress and other physical ailments.


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