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CM Revanth Reddy urged to abolish ‘Draconian’ Telangana Municipal Act, 2019

K M Dayashankar

JAGTIAL, JULY 01, 2024: Jagtal Municipal Ward member Hanumandla Jayashree has urged the state government to abolish the ‘Draconian’ the Telangana Municipal Act, 2019, repealing the earlier Acts names the Telangana Municipalities Act, 1965 and the Telangana Municipal Corporations Act, 1994, by the BRS government.

In a memorandum send to Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, who is also holding and Municipal Administration portfolio, here on Monday, Jayashree said that the new Act had encouraged ramphant corruption contrary to the claims made by then Municipal Administration Minister K Taraka Rama Rao. Alleging that the new Act had reduced the powers of the municipal council members and their resolutions, she said that the Act had allowed the Collectors to approve the works and take up outsourcing recruitment without consent of the municipality.

Earlier, the Municipalities used to take approval of the council meeting and include the work proposals and tender details in the meeting agenda. But, the new Act there is no provision to disclose details of the works and encouraging corruption, she stated. She also alleged that the New Act had removed special budget for the SC\ST and women thus denying developmental works in the SC colonies.

Charging the corruption was ramphant in all departments of the Municipalities as is evident with the ACP trappings, she said earlier the CDMA had all powers of the municipalities. But, the new Act had reduced the CDMA powers and allocated all powers to the Collectors and Additional Collectors (local bodies), who were unable to redress the grievances of the petitioners due to their hectic work schedule, she stated.

Hence, she urged the government abolish the new Telangana Municipal Act 2019, and continue the old municipal acts for the strengthening of local bodies.

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