MCK officials win accolades for removal of encroachments of footpaths at Telephone bhavan in Karimnagar town

People of the town urge MCK and police officials to launch a special drive to remove all encroachments of footpaths

MCK and Police headquarters should remove encroachments of footpaths on their respective shopping complexes

They also urged to check auto menace of encroachments of roads and erecting sign boards of auto-stands without any permission

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 14, 2024: The Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar (MCK) authorities have won accolades for their prompt response and removal of encroachments around the vicinity of Telephone bhavan at Tower circle in Karimnagar town on Friday.

Following the complaint lodged by all the Unions and Associations of BSNL Karimnagar few days back, the MCK authorities in coordination with local police and Traffic police personnel rushed to the spot and started removing all the encroachments surrounding the Telephone bhavan in Karimnagar town on Friday also. The MCK and police authorities had removed all the encroachments around the Telephone bhavan and also Head post office area easing the traffic.

Surprisingly, not a single political leader had entered the spot and obstructed the removal of encroachment. The officials have started removal of encroachments of footpaths from Thursday onwards and continued even on Friday with police protection. They warned the vendors of serious penal action if they further resort to the encroachments of footpaths and cause traffic snarls. Now after the removal of encroachments, the two-wheelers were allowed to park on the footpaths to make smooth passage of vehicular movement.

It may be recalled that the BRS government under the Smart City project had converted the broad and wide roads into narrow roads by constructing spacious footpaths only for the benefit of vendors to encroach them and cause traffic snarls. The BSNL authorities have lodged a complaint with the MCK officials over the encroachment of the footpaths and causing traffic snarls.

Appreciating the MCK authorities for the removal of encroachments around the vicinity of BSNL, the residents of the town urged the authorities to launch a special drive to remove all encroachments of footpaths in entire Karimnagar town. The encroachments of footpaths is ramphant at Tower Circle and Gunj area and also in other parts of the town.

Besides, the auto-rickshaws were also causing traffic snarls by encroaching the footpaths at RTC bus stand area, ZP office, DCCB office, at Collectorate, Indira chowk, Mancherial cross roads, Doctors street, Court area, and other localities.


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