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International Day of Yoga celebrated at Statue of Equality, Muchinthal

HYDERABAD, JUNE 21, 2024: Ministry of Tourism, Hyderabad office in collaboration with Chinna Jeeyar Trust organised International Day of Yoga 2024 (Tenth Edition) at Statue of Equality, Muchinthal on Friday.

This year, the IDY is celebrated with the theme “Yoga for self and society”. Yoga offers profound benefits both for the individual and society. For individuals, it enhances physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. For society, yoga fosters community building, public health, educational improvements, workplace productivity, and environmental awareness. Through its holistic approach, yoga contributes to the overall enhancement of individual lives and the collective good of society.

The common yoga protocol was started after prayer by gurukulam students.  Shri. Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji addressed the gathering and highlighted that International Day of Yoga is significant for India as it celebrates and propagates a key aspect of its cultural heritage, promotes health and wellness, enhances its global standing, boosts tourism, and fosters national unity.

Mr Krupakar Ravipati, Assistant director, Indiatourism also addressed the gathering and said that the emphasis on yoga can boost tourism in India, attracting visitors interested in yoga retreats, training, and Ayurveda, contributing to the local economy. The participants performed suryaanamaskar, Yogasanas-Kapalbhati, Pranayama, Dhyana, Sankalpa etc and as per the common yoga protocol.

Ahobila Ramanuja jeeyar Swamiji, the Assistant Director, Ministry of Tourism (Hyderabad), Chinna Jeeyar Trust swamijis, management, Indiatourism staff, Jeeyar educational trusts principles, ashram gurus, Ashram employees, more than 800 participants actively participated and performed the Yoga asanas.


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