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Tirumala temple shrine is providing daily 1.75 lakh servings as Annaprasadam to devotees

On weekends it is 2.13 lakhs per day at Tirumala

At Tirupathi, it is 1.92 lakhs servings per day

TTD corpus fund for Annaprasadam is Rs 1,892 crore

TIRUMALA, JUNE 20, 2024:  TTD Executive Officer J Syamala Rao on Wednesday reviewed the activities of Annaprasadam Wing of TTD and made valuable suggestions to the officers concerned to improve the taste and quality of Annaprasadam.

As a part of cognizing the work nature of each department in TTD, the EO reviewed in length about the Annaprasadam wing in the Conference Hall of Gokulam Rest House in Tirumala along with the JEOs Goutami and , Veerabrahmam.

He reviewed the places of work where food is prepared in Tirumala including Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasadam Complex(MTVAC), Akshaya Kitchen in VQC, PAC 2 for the sake of pilgrims besides Employees’ Canteen and SPRH. He directed the officials of Annaprasadam and Engineering department to consider the opening of Panchajanyam Kitchen which was kept on hold, by completing the pending works soon. He also verified that on an average per day the Annaprasadam is being served to nearly 1.95lakh pilgrims during weekends and 1.75lakh in the normal days in all these centres in Tirumala while 2.13lakh during weekends and 1.92lakh during normal days in Tirupati. The PowerPoint Presentation on Annaprasadam also highlighted that the corpus in Annaprasadam Trust is at Rs.1892crore and the average expenditure on any given day is at Rs.38lakh. The EO also reviewed on Vegetable Donors, One Day Donation Scheme and others.

Later the EO also suggested to the Deputy EO Sri Rajendra, Catering Special Officer Sri GLN Shastry to enhance the quality of butter milk being served to the devotees, and to keep the premises inside the cooking area clean and dry.

On the issues front which included enhancing the manpower in accordance with the increasing pilgrims at Tirumala and Tirupati, replacing the decade old machinery with new ones to meet the increasing demand, appointing a Food Consultant to enhance the quality as well the quantity of Annaprasadam, the EO directed the officers concerned to come out with a concrete action plan to execute the above requirements as soon as possible.


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