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Alphores students witness the battle of ballot in School

K M Dayashankar

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 27, 2024: With the launch of new academic year, it is time for the students to elect their House (student council) leaders. Accordingly, Alphores e-techno school in Kothapalli on the outskirts of Karimnagar town conducted elections to House councils to elect Captains and Vice-captains for the Tejas, Saras, Druva and Lakshya groups on Thursday.

The Alphores school campus resembled an election booth where the students stepped into the shoes of the electorate to exercise their franchise. To select various House captains and vice captains, the school management decided to adopt the “Indian election” mode in all its entirety, right from announcing the election date to filing and withdrawal of nominations and the final voting day, to help students grasp the concept elections.

A total of 150 candidates have filed their nominations and campaigned for the elections with their respective symbols to woo the voters (students). They also presented cultural programmes on the importance of exercising their franchise and cast their votes in a democratic process to elect student House committees.

The students enthusiastically participated in the election process and casted their votes in polling booths. They formed queue lines to cast their votes and marked indelible ink on their finger after casting their vote.

On this occasion, Alphores educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy said that we have conducted House elections to expose the students to the conduct of general elections in a democratic set up to elect their leaders. This will serve the dual purpose of identifying the deserving candidates and help the pupils understand the election system,” he added.


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